BruhwerCoffee is a privately owned company consisting of two partners with a deep passion for coffee. With 16 years of presence in Ecuador we have forged a solid relationship with the coffee farmers. We pay the farmers a premium in order to motivate and substantiate their cost of harvesting quality coffee. To compliment a well harvested coffee our staff of workers average 20 years in processing coffee, their knowledge helps ensure a coffee of superb quality.

Our first plant is located in Loja in the town of Quilanga. This plant is located at 1,900 – 2000 mts above sea level. Our other two plants are located in Zamora Chinchipe one in La Jalca, and the other in Chito.  These two plants are located between 1,300 and 1,400 meters above sea level.  With such diverse locations we can offer a variety of coffee characteristics from fruity and acidic, to chocolate and nutty flavors. 

Our goal is to produce the finest coffee hence we have spared no expense in obtaining the most eco-friendly, and modern equipment available today. We also understand that machinery without a properly harvested cherry will not produce an excellent end product.  In order for us to achieve this goal we purchase only ripe cherries. 


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