BULWARK a wall built for protection or defense. The Bulwark Project is a corporate socially responsible effort focused on the aid, and prosperity of children in economically disadvantaged rural areas in Ecuador. The program’s initial phase will take place in Tarifa, a small town near Samborondon-Ecuador. This will serve as a pilot project for future expansion throughout Ecuador. We will combine as a case study martial arts and psychological therapy, through martial arts the children will gain physical strength and mental discipline, while relying on psychological therapy to interact with the children to overcome any problems they are facing in a desired way. The Bulwark Project is an initiative by Bjj Tripping, an online Jiu Jitsu community, and with the collaboration of us as Wild Coffee, JJAA, Andean Mountain Coffee NY, and a team of professionals have all joined together to bring forth this initiative. The value and importance of Bulwark is in the development of a child’s self-esteem. Our main objective is to inspire the children to believe in themselves, and provide them with the tools to achieve their goals. We will assigned 10% from our local Supermarket sales in Ecuador and 7% of the EXW price from exports.

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Bruhwercoffee is the producer of the roasted coffee brand WILD COFFEE and is responsible for carrying all social and support projects for others, especially to the small coffee growers of the Chito and Jalca area in the province of Zamora Chinchipe, the Quilanga area and its surroundings in the province of Loja, our collection centers help more than 70 coffee families in the country by paying them a fair price for their selection of cherries for us to process them and give an added value to that product. With the funds and added value of the sale of green coffee and exports, we help in projects of nearby communities especially in chito Parish where recreational sports competitions are promoted to avoid the high consumption of alcohol in the village on weekends.

Another of our projects is gender equality, project with which the CEO personally identifies and implements since 2017, we try to make our employees have the same paycheck whatever their sex is, all the administrative team in the parent office of Guayaquil are very capable and hardworking women, our plant grain selection staff are all also women whom we appreciate and value deeply.

All our employees have all the benefits that by law and right they have, Ecuador has the second highest salary in Latin America, that’s why our values differentiated in all our products, we manage a fair trade by philosophy of all the managers behind this incredible project. We are not Fair Trade certify yet, but we highly value the effort of all our staff and small farmers. Bruhwercoffee does not employ or buy coffee cherries from minors thus avoiding child labour or exploitation, finally we are very committed to the development of the industry and the coffee industry creating new processes and bringing the best quality of Ecuadorian coffee to the whole world.


Karla García


Economist, BA in Culinary Arts, Masters degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, CEO and legal representative of Bruhwercoffee Cia. Ltda., certified by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) in Coffee Taster, Roaster, Barista Professional and Brewer, Q Arabica Grader, Producer of Ecuadorian Specialty Coffee of the Amazon and Loja, passionate about coffee and its brand of roasted coffee “Wild Coffee”, entrepreneur, seeking to enhance Ecuadorian coffee internationally. Leader of the entire team and sales manager.


Kiara García

Supermarket Supervisor and MKT

Kiara is a fundamental part of our local market as it is the one that ensures that supermarkets are always stocked and have the necessary stock for you, additional is the one in charge next to our graphic designer to bring life to the campaigns that we launch each month and the incredible promotions that are generated.


Juan David Benavides Orjuela

Head of Quality Control and Post-harvest

Juan David is passionate about coffee, is a Technologist in Agricultural Production specialized in fermentation processes and post-coffee harvesting and is currently studying for Agronomy. Within the coffee guild has worked 4 years ago in different areas such as production, post-harvest, marketing, final quality, barismo, where their profession and experience in the agricultural area have emphasized in the post-harvest systems and quality of coffee already processed. He currently works in the area of quality control of coffee in both green and roasted, in addition he is in charge of the experimental batches that the company currently makes and the administrative part in the plant.

Roberto Quimís

Farm Supervisor and Roaster

Roberto is passionate about coffee and with more than 15 years of experience in the coffee area is in charge of overseeing the processes in farm Bruhwer in Quilanga-Loja, in addition is our star roaster in charge of developing those incredible flavor profiles that our brand of roasted coffee has.


They are some of the faces part of our team in the farms, from drivers, to drying controls in canopies, packing and delivery of coffee are some of the tasks that perform day by day achieving a teamwork to bring the best product to their homes. We have many people part of our company in the administrative part, as in operational who deliver their daily effort to make us know locally and internationally.


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